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about us

A large mountain casts its shadow over a village. The children of this village grow up with rickets due to the lack of sunlight. One day, the oldest inhabitant leaves the village with a spoon in this hand.

«Where are you going?» they ask him.
«I’m going to the mountain» he replies.
«I’m going to move it, one spoonful at a time.»
«But you’re crazy, that’s impossible, you’ll never do it!»
«I know, but somebody has to start…»

Fruitsurfer doesn’t belong to anyone, it has no boss and no fixed structure. Our only objective it to launch the concept and make it available to as many people as possible. It is an “act of inspiration” that welcomes and involves everyone who wishes to get involved. Today that includes myself (Maurizio), Corradino, Valeria, Eugenio, Sara, Flora, Simone, David, Raffy, Pedro, Lyda, Anita, Annajulia, Margherita, Viola, Elia, Eugenio, Vitto, Paolo, Ludovico, Antonio, Frida… Each one of us has given something. The result is the sum of the time and the experience that each of us, adults and children, has dedicated. Watch the videos, look at the photos, read the text. Do you share these ideals? Do you like the idea? Do you think it is possible? If the answer is yes, believe in us and make a contribution, whatever it may be: click on “like” or make a donation, become part of the timeline of Fruitsurfer’s creators. And spread the word!

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