Air water food

The fundamental benefits of life.

Would you pay to breathe? You have already gotten used to paying for water and food… Water and air are free elements on earth, just like fruit and vegetables which grow spontaneously with the cycle of seasons. In origin it was Eden in which you could just pick fruit freely. With the years which followed, we were slowly taught that this wasn’t the way; boundaries and fences were placed and what was once a free fruit on a tree, suddenly it became someone’s property. We have been taught that we need to weigh, pack, pay for goods and make use of shopping trolleys.

Dietary freedom

Let’s reclaim it!

Imagine a world in which fruit and vegetables are like air, where in a public park next to the slide on which your child is playing there is a tree from which you can pick a fruit by simply extending your arm, where in the street behind your house you can collect apples and pears. A world in which a child can grow up with the awareness and customs that fruit grows and is picked from trees.

Habits Instincts

The change begins.

The open spaces, landscapes, and natural environments which surround us are always more anthropized, levelled and sterilized. We have built more stratified and complex societies and since a young age we have been accustomed to these changes; losing more and more contact with nature and the simple biology of life. We now have internet, air conditioning, cars and ATM’s but for more than two millions of years we have evolved in a completely different environment. Our DNA remains the same. Let’s bring back our old habits and instincts. It’s our right. It’s our duty.

How to change origin it was Eden.

Imagine a world in which everyone can communicate, share knowledge and awareness, develop the culture of picking fruit, defend, resume and relive in the given lands; finding fruit trees everywhere. Just like it was at the start. A community in which all trees on earth are known and classified, in which anyone is easily capable of sharing fruit trees. A world in which green public places are organized to cultivate, harvest and share.

How does it work?

Classify, protect, live.

With internet a new evolutionary era for mankind has begun. allows one to classify a geographically localize with a simple click the fruit trees around the world. Locate and signal suitable spaces for accommodating new trees. Share the experience and the knowledge, organize meetings and activities on the territory. Create a community which classifies, protects and lives the trees/nature. Just like it was at the beginning.

social network

How does it work?

Through you can search by type, key words or a specific tree/fruit in any given area; allowing you to find the characteristics, the photos and the user who has uploaded the information. Through the social areas you can chat, comment, add information, create social events (meet to pick fruit, plant or prune trees), exchange fruit, equipment, opinions and feedback. How much support do we need in order to complete the Project?

social network

The map

With just one click, anytime, you can easily visualize the map and find trees, surfers, shared equipment or open events close by or in any area of choice.

Harvester or producer?

The user.

The user is the experience of a single man, representing an evolutionary journey. Taking actions and moving on land to find and geographically localize fruit trees and plants/bushes on free lands. Picking fruit alone, in a group or in many groups whilst sharing equipment and/or hospitality. The user can create or participate in events which involve pruning, picking and/or using fruit.

Meet act and do!

The groups.

The group is the union of users. More and more people are spontaneously getting together to pick fruit; some giving themselves an identity, guided and coordinated by a concrete project and some simply to harvest. The group has access to all competencies and facilities of all other users who are part of it, able to create fruit campaigns for the purpose of pruning, harvesting and/or processing fruit. It can give rise to fundraising campaigns for the initiation of planting in different territories. From the group to the community!

Know protect

The trees.

A system of cataloguing allows users to search for trees and geographically locate them via the App, find the relative information (name, coordinates, time of bloom and harvest, position, access, height, complexity, necessary facilities, etc.), and visualize/create events related to them. In addition, thanks to the harvest calendar based on the interaction of the users with nature; posting the presence of ready-to-be-picked fruit and/or the experience of previous harvests. You can keep updated on all information regarding available harvests in real time.

app mobile

The apple in our hands.

The mobile App of Fruitsurfer allows you to ‘capture’ fruit trees with a simple click, geologically localize them and automatically add them to the database in order to share the findings with other users. Search for the event or the tree closest to you and share the experience with others, upload photos, videos or exchange opinions and feedback. With the chat you can always keep in contact with other members of your ‘harvest group’ or communicate with any other user.

The new paradigm begins
Join the change

Share your project, participate and contribute!